Co.Ri.Sac is an Industrial Bag Manufacturing that sew, adapt and certificate Big Bags depending on your requests.

FIBCs (Big Bag) are composed by four or two panels in polypropylene’s cords plaited in a loom, and stitched to form a classic cubic or parallelepiped structure with squared base.

Big Bags are available in different textile weights and different Safety Factors.

Co.Ri.Sac offers Single-Use Big Bags with SF 5:1 and Reusable Big Bags with SF 6:1. Tests proved that this types of containers break down after have loaded five or six times their maximum load limit.

We customize Big Bags for particular uses, with special laminated textures that do not permit losses of material, dust or liquid; with transpiring textures, and with raising suspenders depending on customers’ requests.